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How to Approach Disease Awareness Days

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A new report by One15 Healthcare called “Awareness Campaigns That Resonate: Learnings from World Asthma Day” offers pharma key insights into how to tap into disease awareness days to build long-term engagement and influence. At one end of the scale, corporate disease awareness activities work to establish unmet needs in the minds of stakeholders; [...]

10 Core Tenets of an Effective Disease Awareness Campaign

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  A new report by One15 Healthcare called “Awareness Campaigns That Resonate: Learnings from World Asthma Day” unveils the core tenets of an effective disease awareness campaign. As the number and variety of disease awareness days and associated awareness campaign increases exponentially, so too has our appreciation of the challenges of organising effective, meaningful [...]

Unshrouding the Mystery of AI

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To the uninitiated, the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is shrouded in wonder and mystery. Utilising inscrutable logic to manifest perplexing insights from seemingly infinite and unconnected troves of data, AI seems nothing short of a technological miracle. For obvious reasons, marketers and software providers are keen to play up the notion of the [...]

Tools for Remote Work Success

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Following on from our last blog on why we chose remote working, we're sharing some of the innovative tools we use to ensure remote working is productive, collaborative, connected and sociable. The nature of the workplace is changing. In his prescient 2005 TedTalk, Clay Shirky spoke about business changing from closed groups to open [...]

Out of Office: Why We Chose Remote Working at One15

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Here at One15, we’re a team of 6, all working remotely from various locations in Ireland, Bulgaria, India and the Netherlands. For me, as an accomplished home office pioneer for the past 15 years, the merits are unquestionable - complete flexibility to work to hours that suit me and the ability to choose interesting, creative [...]

A Day in the Life of a Digital Strategist

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  As Digital Strategist and CEO of One15, Julie O’Donnell works closely with pharma and healthcare organisations to embed strong digital strategic planning at the core of how a company ‘thinks’. Her role is to collaborate with clients to shape truly integrated digital initiatives and identify trends and opportunities to engage with stakeholders in new ways. Julie [...]

Did social media adverse event reporting just get a little easier for Life Sciences companies?

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Ever since social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter launched, both pharmaceutical and life sciences companies have been discussing the adverse event reporting (AE reporting) challenge. The 'challenge' here is simply ensuring you have a clear and manageable process in place to capture and report any social posts reporting adverse reactions to drugs or [...]

Cracking the Commercial Code in Pharma

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How are pharma companies adapting to the changing, challenging market and evolving the commercial model? This short video summarises the key outputs from a survey of 150 sales, marketing and strategy leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. They looked where these companies had successes and where they are struggling.   The key takeaways There are no [...]

Content marketing in healthcare – buzzwords or business driver?

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I recently spoke at the 3rd Annual Customer Experience Management Summit in Vienna on the topic of 'content marketing'. Content marketing is much talked about across sectors with articles appearing everywhere from Harvard Business Review to McKinsey. However I've noticed that when it comes to this topic there are three distinct groups of people. Those that don't know what it [...]